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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Caldwell Family Photography: The Villanueva Family

 Oh this family is a BLAST!!! I had the pleasure of shooting the Villanueva family again this year! A few months back I checked in on Michelle and noticed that her facebook profile picture was one from last years session in the SNOW and it was the middle of summer! I told her we need to change this little missy!! So she rounded up her gang and we met at the baseball park. The Villanueva family is definitely a baseball family. Javier and Jordan both play baseball and they are both outstanding athletes. It was so fun to see them goof off and have fun together, they even rough housed while we all laughed! So here is a few of our super fun session!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family Photos...Done Early!! {Family Portrait, Childrens Photographer, Boise Idaho}

Its the first couple weeks into December and you reach into the mailbox and find the cutest card with a family photo on it, saying Merry Christmas from the Jones's! OH NO!! I should have done that! It always seems like Christmas comes too quick! So here it is September, and there is plenty of time to get them done. Whether you want a beautiful piece of wall art for your home or to make cards to send out to friends and family, here is your chance! Lets get this done with way before Christmas! Here is a short slideshow of some of my recent family photos. Please contact me for more information!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Boise Engagement Photography l Joe + Ashley

 They met each other 5 years ago. Ashley's girlfriend had met someone online and finally wanted to meet up with him in person, she asked Ashley to come with her. Joe's friend also wanted some company on his first date with his online girlfriend. After the night was over Joe told his friend, "I will be with Ashley someday." He was even dating someone at the time! 5 years later here they are...engaged!!
I was giddy when I saw them walk up hand in hand. They were adorable! Half way through the session I had to ask her if she had ever modeled and she said no. I couldn't believe it! She is stunning! I can NOT wait to shoot their wedding in October!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boise Child Photography: Woodland Fairy, Polka Dots and Balloons! Veronica Turns ONE!!!

 I am always so excited to spend any amount of time around kids! They are so silly and fun and pretty much don't care what they look like or what they do! Just my type of people! Veronica was a little hesitant with me at first but by the end of the day she finally warmed up to the camera. Grandma Patty was the most gracious and fun host, she was coloring with the kids and laughing!! This day everyone was having fun! When the cake was set in front of Veronica she very daintily touched it and when she got something on her hands she would cry for a napkin. She was definitely the cleanest one year old Ive ever been around! Here are some photos of the birthday party!