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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Boise Family Photography l Fowler Family

You would never guess how this shoot came to be. I do quite a bit of real estate photography and early this week I shot a beautifully styled home with an equally beautiful family photographed all over the walls. I looked a bit closer at the photos as I typically do in all houses and realized that I recognized the dad. His name is Nate Fowler. He is a singer, songwriter, husband, dad and farmer. Here is his biography: natefowlermusicpage. He is somewhat of a local celebrity! Not only that but his wife is absolutely stunning! AND to make everything better there was a precious, beautiful, darling, sweetheart of a baby girl in the photos too!! Oh you should see the nursery...

So here I am in a beautiful house with beautiful people in the pictures on the wall and thought I wonder if they would let me take their photos in this house...EEK! I totally facebook stalked Launa and messaged her she said YES! and here it is!! I am so overly happy and thrilled with the results! Meet Elliot, the prettiest girl this side of the Mississippi!!! :) 

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