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Friday, June 12, 2009

Going to Bed

I am going to bed late again after hours of searching for website names for my business. It is really hard to pick what you will be referred to as. I looked up literally 100 different names and I think I have landed on one, Let it Shine Photography! It is a great mix of what I am looking for in a name and it describes me pretty well. I cant wait to be able to focus on photography solely. That'l be the day:). Well I must shut my blinds and get some rest.

Good Night


  1. This is a great start for you babe. I believe with your hard work and your determination that "you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you". phil 4:13

    I LOVE U ;-)

  2. Oh Annie! This looks nice. Very hip, very hop, very happenin!! (tee hee).. I can't wait to see you here tomorrow!!! We have lots of areas to take photos... Oh man, Multomah Falls!!!

  3. Annie-
    All your searching paid off because I absolutely love the name. You are going to be amazing at this and I am so proud to see you developing in this arena. You have a gift my sweet friend and will bless many people with your ambitions and ministry in this business. LET IT SHINE!!!!!!!